Mattresses at the lowest price 120 Day Price Guarantee

We work hard to bring you the right mattress at the lowest price. We are so confident that we are bringing you the best value on mattresses in Connecticut that if you purchase a mattress set from Sleep etc. and find it advertised at a lower price within 120 days, we will refund 110% of the difference.

It's easy, just show us the local competitor's advertisement and we will credit your credit card or mail you a check within 72 hours.

We are a discount mattress store and we shop our competition on a regular basis to ensure that our prices are the lowest that you will find, but sometimes manufacturers set a minimum price on their products (MMAP/SRP). We guarantee the minimum price, but we cannot always discount below that. We have a policy of transparency and will gladly share manufacturers pricing policies with you.

120 Day Lowest Mattress Price Guarantee

Sometimes higher priced department stores and chain stores ask mattress manufacturers to change the model name on the beds that they carry to make it difficult for consumers to compare prices between stores. We never change nationally used names and we will even work with you to determine if a mattress you saw under a different name elsewhere compares to a model that we carry.

*Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to floor sample or clearance items. Rebates, promotional items and discontinued mattresses as well as merchandise offered for sale on sites such as EBay and Craig's List are excluded. Manufacturer policies may affect participation. See store for details. Must be current local competitor's ad or verified price quote not below cost or MMAP/SRP.